GEOBIRO Ltd. specializes in providing services in the fields of geodesy and BIM outsourcing, where it continuously develops through the application of new modern technologies and systematic technical improvements, allowing the company flexibility and quick adaptation to new market demands.

The policy of quality, environmental protection, and health and safety at work constitutes the basis of the company's business policy and is based on complying with legal regulations, meeting the needs and demands of clients while continuously improving, implementing the principle of preserving and protecting the environment and the health of its employees.

GEOBIRO Ltd. commits to conducting all aspects of its business in a safe and responsible manner that protects the environment, and the health and safety at work.

In accordance with this commitment, the company sets and monitors:

  • Processes through which services are realized;
  • Quality goals, environmental protection, and health and safety at work to continuously improve the quality of its services without compromising the environment;
  • Programs that enable the prevention of environmental pollution and work-related injuries;
  • Proactive management of significant environmental aspects, respecting relevant legal provisions;
  • Defines risks to health and safety at work and manages them;
  • Efficiency of provided services;
  • Operations with consistent adherence to all regulations of applicable legal regulations, domestic and international standards.

The company fosters a team work approach among all employees to promote positive values within which each employee accepts personal responsibility for the full application of the management system integrated management system.

Konjic, July 16, 2023.